"Buy with confidence; you are dealing with legitimate folks who designed and understand the product..."

Spark is far more impressive in person and on the field than on the review videos. The level of details on this bicycle are worth noticing: leather stitch handles, wireless turn signals/laser bike lane/bike awareness blinking light, front headlight, in-frame battery, cargo area, motorcycle grade stand, disc brakes, smooth shimano transmission, etc.

The pedal assist has different levels, easy to access while riding with a smooth transition. This is definitely a perfect way to get to work, run errands or just go for some fresh air; it is a must have for college students. The bicycle performs as advertised, a must have if you live in the city and a strong consideration in the suburbs.

I added carry bags on mine and use it to go to the store instead of using my car. It’s a good way to exercise but the assist pedal extends your travel range compare to a conventional bicycle. As for reliability, I have been using Spark for 3 months now, it is going strong without any malfunctions.

Customer service is superb! I got my emails answered the same day and sometimes by more than one team member. Buy with confidence; you are dealing with legitimate folks who designed and understand the product.

I did my homework and compare it to other models on the market. There are some models for the same price but lack high end features like transmission, disc brakes, long range battery etc. Bicycles with this profile are x3-4 the price of the Spark. I plan to get one of the newer models for my wife.

Jose A, FL, USA.

"I get 45+ miles from each charge. Thanks for your well made product!"

I use Spark in Florida to go back and forth to the tennis and pickleball courts. Spark always draws a lot of attention and has worked flawlessly for weeks now. My wife bought me an insulated bag for the rear carrier and I use it for storing cold drinks. I normally pedal with electric assist but when I get tired after sports, Spark will bring me all the way home on electric.

Glenn W, FL, USA.

"It has truly changed my life."

Shocke Team! Thanks for creating the Spark. It inspired me to sell my car and commute via bike and carpool again. It has truly changed my life. Stop lights used to destroy my momentum on a ride, now they're just another reason to feel that Shocke Spark acceleration.

Nick S, CA, USA.

"Finally my husband and I can enjoy riding together."

I have my Spark packed away, but I can't wait to take it on the Trails in Utah (picture) where I'm moving. Finally my husband and I can enjoy riding together. I do so enjoy smoking him on the hills!

Melissa R, UT, USA.

"Surge has changed my lifestyle!"

I love my Surge bike. I ride to Lonsdale Quay every Sunday from Gibsons B.C. via the BC Ferries and Marine Drive. It gets me there and back on one charge. I also do all my grocery shopping on the bike now.

Graham O, BC, CAN.

"I will be riding spark for the 2016 Scotia Bank MS Ride in Langley."

The great guy's at Shocke Bikes equipped me with my new electric bike. I have been living with MS for 24 years and I love to ride. It was hard for me to grind up many of the hills where I live with my regular mountain bike. Now with my new Spark bike I conquer all the big hills and will be able to do the 85 km ride without killing myself, thank you Shocke Bikes!

Tina K, BC, CAN.

"Very well built with lots of attention to details."

My wife is enjoying her Ampere and is using it to go the gym. I have a Spark and remain very pleased with the reliability. We highly recommend Shocke Bikes to anyone considering an eBike.

Ciara A, FL, USA.


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